Help Snowplow Drivers With These Safety Tips

The City of Golden Valley’s snowplow drivers are dedicated to helping you get to your destination safely. Please help them do their job effectively by driving safely and observing these guidelines.

  • Yield to snowplows. They may be traveling at slower than posted speeds.
  • Do not pass a snowplow on the right. That is where they are generally pushing the snow from the road.
  • Give snowplows plenty of room to do their job. Stay at least 50 feet behind the plow at all times, as illustrated in this graphic from the Maine Department of Transportation.
  • Be observant. At intersections snowplows may need to back up to re-position themselves to push snow out of the way or start plowing a different street.
  • Be patient. Snowplows are out on the road to clear it and help you get to your destination safely.
  • Do not cut the snowplow off. Keep in mind that snow plows weighs 17 times as much as a car and their stopping distance, especially on snow, is a lot longer than a car’s.
  • Turn your headlights on. This makes you more visible to plow drivers (and other drivers).

The Minnesota Department of Transportation made a short video during the Dec 11, 2010 snowstorm to show what it’s like to drive a snowplow. To see the snowplow driver’s view from behind the wheel, forward the video to 1:00 and 1:36.

Be prepared for this week’s snow. Brush up on City snow removal and parking ordinances,┬ástay informed of weather forecasts, and move your vehicle from the streets whenever snow is in the forecast. The City of Golden Valley emails or texts snow emergency alerts–sign up here. The Snow Emergency option is at the bottom of the list, under the subhead “Streets and Utilities.”

For more winter safety information, including links to National Weather Service updates and 511 information for travelers, visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Winter Hazard Awareness website.

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