Mighty Tidy Day Is This Weekend

Bring your unwanted stuff, including paper documents for shredding, to Golden Valley’s annual Mighty Tidy Clean-Up Day this Saturday, Oct 15. The event will take place from 8 am–1 pm, at Brookview Park, just south of Hwy 55 at Winnetka Ave.

Mighty Tidy Clean-Up Day provides a monitored site to dispose of items residents no longer use, that cannot be donated, and that can litter homes and yards and become a nuisance. It’s just the place to unload unwanted items like old mattresses and sofas, broken bicycles, ancient appliances, old tires, outdated computers, televisions, paper, and other items piling up around your home.  (Hazardous wastes of any kind are not accepted. For information about how to dispose of hazardous wastes, check the recycling information on Hennepin County’s website .)

This will be the first year the event will include a site for shredding paper.

It will also be the first year the event will accept donations of gently used furniture and household items to Bridging, a non-profit organization that provides people transitioning out of homelessness and poverty with a one-time gift of quality goods to stabilize and improve lives while effectively using community resources. Bridging needs bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture and household goods such as kitchenware, linens, bedding, lamps, small appliances, etc.

You must be a Golden Valley resident to participate (proof of residency is required at the entrance). Fees apply.

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