City Awaits State Decision Regarding Motor Vehicle Licensing Operation

Golden Valley’s Motor Vehicle Licensing Department remains closed pending State review. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division (DVS) continues its own review of the City’s Motor Vehicle Licensing Department and the criminal actions that resulted in the City closing the Department’s operations April 1, 2011.

In June 2011, a former City of Golden Valley Motor Vehicle Licensing employee was charged by the Hennepin County Attorney with three felonies, including theft by swindle, theft of public funds, and failure to pay over state funds. Charges also included two gross misdemeanor counts of misconduct of a public officer or employee (see complete story).

Golden Valley’s Motor Vehicle Licensing Department is a deputy registrar for the DVS, meaning DVS contracts with the City to operate the office. Since closing, the City has fully complied with recommendations from both State and independent reviews and has sought DVS authorization to reopen.

The DVS has notified the City that it will monitor the criminal case and examine possible actions once that case is resolved and the DVS review is concluded.

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