New Recycling Program Off To Good Start

Months of preparation paid off as the first pick-up day for Golden Valley’s new recycling program went off well. New 68-gallon recycling carts, styling wheels and lids, replaced the City’s old recycling bins as part of an improved program that features added convenience and potential cost savings.

A Quick Review. . .

What makes it more convenient? The wheels make it easier to get the recycling to the curb. The lid keeps everything inside the cart. Plus, no sorting is required, and more recyclables are collected.

Another highlight is every-other-week service, which means less wear and tear on the City’s streets. Pick-up is every other Friday instead of every Friday, with approximately one-half of the City serviced one week and the other half serviced on the alternating week. The new hauler, Allied Waste, sent mailers out in November with service schedules. First collection dates were Jan 6 for the blue service area and Jan 13 for the gray service area. Find your service area here, or contact Allied Waste at 952-941-5174.

To save money, the City continues to contract jointly for recycling services with the Cities of Plymouth and Minnetonka. Allied Waste proposed a contract that was 18 percent lower than the next closest proposal. In addition, the City will get 100 percent of the revenue generated from the sale of recycled materials.

The recycling fee posted to quarterly City utility bills will remain the same. This amount covers only a portion of the entire City recycling program. Besides curbside recycling, the program also includes the Spring Brush Pick-Up, Mighty Tidy Day, and the Fall Leaf Drop. At least in the short term, the new contract will help the City absorb some of the increasing costs of the various recycling programs without needing to change the quarterly recycling fee.

. . .And A Few Housekeeping Items

On collection day, have your recycling cart at the curb by 6:30 am. Make sure cart handles and wheels face away from the street and that carts are placed 3–5 feet away from other objects (trash containers, mail boxes, cars, trees, bushes, etc).

Place all items, including cardboard, loose in the cart. If you collect paper or other recyclables in bags, leave the bag open when placing it in the cart.

If you choose to store your recycling cart outside, follow the City ordinance and make sure it is always located behind the front of the primary structure (house) and is no more than 3 feet away from the house or accessory structure (garage). Containers may be placed at the curb from 5 pm the day before collection to 9 pm the day of collection.

Need a larger or smaller cart? Call Allied Waste at 952-941-5174. If the larger cart is still not enough, request an additional cart.

What about the old recycling bins? If you want to keep them, they’re yours. Use them for storing or hauling, or give them to someone else who wants them. If that doesn’t work for you, bring them to the City’s drop-off site under the water tower next to Golden Valley City Hall. Pallets are set up for stacking old recycling bins. The will recycle the old bins, so they’ll be discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. If you could use a few extra bins for storage or whatever, stop by the drop-off site under the water tower and take what you  need.



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