Concerned About Coyotes? Follow These Tips

Coyotes can be found anywhere in Minnesota, and recently there have been sightings by residents in Twin Cities metro area communities. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends the following tips to help prevent most coyote problems.


  • secure all garbage containers, wildlife feeders, and other food sources to prevent coyote access
  • confine small dogs and cats in kennels, or supervise them when outside
  • vaccinate all pets for rabies, distemper, parvo, and other diseases, as recommended by a veterinarian
  • consider installing coyote-proof fencing
  • harass (by chasing, shouting, etc) any coyotes that do not immediately run from people


  • feed coyotes
  • leave pet food outside
  • allow cats and small dogs outside unattended

More About Coyotes

According to¬† the Minnesota DNR, most coyotes avoid people and domestic animals, but they may raid garbage cans and kill domestic cats and small dogs. “Healthy wild coyotes avoid people, and no attacks have ever occurred in Minnesota. However, attacks by urban coyotes have been reported in other states. Experts believe these attacks occur after a coyote has become accustomed to humans, or after being fed by humans.”

Visit the Minnesota DNR website for more information about coyotes in Minnesota and Minnesota DNR policies regarding coyotes.

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