Get Rid Of Household Hazardous Waste At Upcoming Collection Events

Each year Hennepin County teams up with local municipalities to give residents a chance to get rid of UGH—“Unwanted Garden and Household” chemicals and waste—at free household hazardous waste collections: June 7–9,  9 am–4 pm, 7250 Hwy 7, St Louis Park and July 26–28, 9 am–4 pm, at Dunwoody College of Technology, 818 Dunwoody Blvd, Minneapolis.

Accepted Materials through the UGH program include:

Household, Lawn, and Garden Products—adhesives, aerosols, batteries, cleaners, drain cleaners, driveway sealer, paint (limit three 5-gallon pails), paint thinners and solvents, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, photographic and hobby chemicals, poisons, pool chemicals, rechargeable tools, stains, wood preservatives, etc.

Auto and Fuel Wastes—gasoline (containers won’t be returned), kerosene, diesel fuel, starter fluid, fuel additives, vehicle lead acid batteries, etc.

Electronics—computers, DVD and VCR players, radios, TVs, etc

Mercury-Containing Items—fluorescent bulbs and HID lamps (limit 25), thermostats, thermometers

*For a complete list, call 612-348-3777 or visit

Items not accepted include any waste from businesses, appliances, asbestos and construction debris, compressed gas cylinders and tanks, explosives, garbage, medical or infectious wastes, motor oil and oil filters, radioactive waste (eg, smoke detectors), tires, and yard waste.

Hennepin County’s two permanent drop-off sites (8100 Jefferson Hwy, Brooklyn Park and 1400 W 96th St, Bloomington) accept UGH year-round. For more information, call 612-348-3777 or go here.

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