Police See Increase In Reported Residential Crimes

In the last two weeks, the Golden Valley Police Department has seen an increase in reported residential crimes, specifically in the northeast (Zone 6) corner of the city. These incidents have all occurred overnight. Please remember to keep doors and windows closed and locked at night and when you are not home.

In one overnight incident May 14–15 on the 3100 block of Vista Dr, a suspect entered a home through an unlocked garage service door and stole items, including the homeowner’s wallets, cell phones, keys to their vehicles, a 52-inch television, and one of their vehicles. During the burglary, the victims and their children were asleep in the home.

Golden Valley police investigators immediately began working the case. They developed suspect information within a few hours of the report and had the suspect in custody by early afternoon. The suspect confessed to the burglary and has been charged with burglary, auto theft, and fleeing the police. Detectives were able to recover the stolen property, including the victim’s cell phones, wallets, TV, and vehicle.

Other recent overnight incidents involve theft from autos. On May 20–21 on the 2400 block of Byrd Ave N and the 2500 block of McNair Dr, an unknown suspect(s) rummaged through and stole items from several vehicles parked outside. Many of these vehicles had been left unlocked, and one had been forcibly entered.

Crime Prevention Reminders

One of the most effective ways to avoid becoming a victim is to lock your vehicle and not leave valuables inside. Locking your doors may discourage some of the more casual thieves, the ones looking for the opportunity to steal. It will also deter those who would go into an unlocked car to look for a trunk or hood release button in order to steal contents of the trunk.

  • Be particularly alert and responsive to noises or activity in your neighborhood. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY if you see or hear unusual activity. All calls are prioritized and you will be put on hold if necessary, so don’t worry about “bothering the police.”
  • Make sure your doors and windows are securely closed and locked at night. Keep purses out of sight of windows and doors. Pull drapes/shades on the first floor.
  • Light up the outside of your home from dusk until dawn every night.
  • Make sure the light is an even, low level light, that doesn’t glare toward the street too much. Lighting will discourage prowlers, assist police officers who patrol your area, and allow your neighbors to see each others’ houses.
  • If you wake up to hear an intruder in your house, get out of the house if possible. If not possible, stay quiet until it is safe to get to a phone to call 911. If you are unable to speak because you are afraid of making noise, call 911 and leave the phone off the hook.
  • Generally, in these types of burglaries, the intruder does not want to confront anyone and will flee if discovered.
  • If you come home to find a burglary, do not enter your home and call 911 immediately. Do not wait to report the burglary and please do not clean up the burglary before police arrive.
  • To deter a criminal from breaking into your car, lock your vehicle and bring valuables into the house at night. Thieves will break into any vehicle if they think there is something of value to be stolen from it. Thieves know that checkbooks, wallets, cell phones, and laptop computers are left in some cars.
  • A theft from your car can happen at any hour of the day. Reporting suspicious activity while it is happening could save you or your neighbor from being victimized.
  • Do not leave garage door openers in vehicles that are parked on the street or in your driveway. Also, remember to lock the service door that leads from the garage into the house.
  • You can increase the chances of your property being recovered if it is stolen by recording the serial number and marking items with an Operation Identification number available at no charge from the police department.
  • If you see or hear something that seem unusual or suspicious: try to get a description of the suspects and their vehicle immediately dial 911 WITHOUT turning on additional lights and be prepared to  stay on the phone with the dispatcher answering questions.  You are the eyes and ears for the police department until the Police arrive.  You are our best hope for catching these criminals and ending this crime. Do not confront the suspects.
  • It is recommended that you light up the exterior of your home from dusk until dawn to improve visibility of your house so that your neighbors and passing officers can keep an eye on it.  You also make your home and address visible to emergency vehicles should you have an emergency at your house.

If you would like more information on crime prevention, call the Golden Valley Crime Prevention Unit at 763-593-8058.

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