Three Arrested After Fleeing GVPD

Golden Valley police arrested three burglary suspects in Maple Grove Nov 13 after a 17-mile chase through Golden Valley and Plymouth during the morning rush hour. It all started with a 911 call from an observant homeowner.

police chase Nov 13, 2012

After the stolen vehicle’s front tire blew out, the suspects continued driving on the rim (taken from the video camera in the Golden Valley squad car in pursuit).

The 911 call came in around 6:40 am from a resident on the 500 block of Meadow Ln N in Golden Valley. She said someone was attempting to break into her home, and she provided a clothing

description of one of the suspects, the type of vehicle they were driving, and their direction of travel.

Golden Valley police officers flooded the area and found the vehicle, with its headlights on and occupied by the suspects, concealed in the driveway of a home on Westwood Dr N.

As police approached the vehicle, the suspects sped away and the officers gave chase, following the suspects westbound (through a park), south on Ottawa Ave N, and onto westbound Glenwood Ave. The pursuit continued to westbound Hwy 55 into Plymouth and then northbound on Hwy 101 into Maple Grove. When one of the front tires on the vehicle blew out, the suspects continued driving on the rim, causing sparks to fly from behind the vehicle and creating an additional spectacle for rush hour commuters.

The pursuit ended when the suspect vehicle (which turned out to be stolen from St Paul) left the road. One juvenile male and two adult males were taken into custody with the assistance of Plymouth police and their K9, Odie. No one was injured during the pursuit. Charges are pending for all three suspects.

The Golden Valley Police Department commends the quick action by the citizen whose 911 call led to the arrest.

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