City Outlines Requirements For Lawn Maintenance

Golden Valley’s lawn maintenance ordinance (10.51) bans noxious weeds and requires turf lawns to be maintained at eight inches or less.

If a property is found to be in violation of the ordinance, the City mails a letter to the property owner. The property owner then has 10 days to comply before the City mows the vegetation at the property owner’s expense.

If the City has to mail a second violation notice to a property owner, the notice will include a general warning that the City can abate future violations without providing specific notices. That means if a property has had two or more violation notices issued within the prior 12-month period, the City will not mail further notices before mowing the vegetation at the property owner’s expense.

Residents who want to vary their landscape by cultivating native plants can apply for a Native Vegetation Permit. For more information about this permit or the lawn maintenance ordinance, contact Public Works at 763-593-8030.

For questions or to report a tall weed or lawn maintenance violation, call the City fire/property maintenance inspector at 763-593-8074.

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