City’s New Street Name Signs Comply With Federal Regulations

The City of Golden Valley is replacing all street name signs in the city to comply with new federal regulations regarding sign letter size and retroreflectivity to improve nighttime visibility. The new signs also include address block information to aid general navigation and emergency response, and the new sign posts comply with crash-worthy standards. Signs will be relocated as needed to improve visibility from all directions.

The City is handling the project in-house with Public Works staff. When the 2013 portion of the project is completed, all but the upcoming pavement management project (PMP) areas will have upgraded street name signs. The remaining areas will have their signs upgraded as part of the PMP project.

Purposeful Signage
According to the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, signs should do five things: fulfill a need, command attention, convey a clear meaning, command respect (be warranted), and allow appropriate time for a response. Golden Valley’s new street name signs, with proper placement, allow drivers to see them, read them, and have time to respond accordingly.

Besides meeting the functional needs of sign placement, the City also makes efforts to minimize the presence of signs from adjacent homes. This includes minor adjustments so existing trees in a front yard obscure the view of the sign, or placing signs as close to property lines as feasible. In some cases, signs are relocated to other corners of the intersection to improve visibility for vehicles approaching on all streets.

All signs are placed within public right-of-way and not on private property. The locations of the new street name signs are indicated by white stakes placed near intersections.

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