North Tyrol Park Restoration Project Is Complete

Thanks to a cooperative effort between the City and the neighborhood, North Tyrol Park shade trees and vegetation, which were lost in a 2011 tornado, have been restored.

When a tornado ripped through the eastern edge of Golden Valley on May 22, 2011,  the playground was destroyed and nearly all of the shade trees were gone.

In the weeks after the tornado, the City cleaned up the downed trees and used insurance funds to help replace the damaged playground equipment. However, nothing similar existed for funding replacement trees. In addition, the loss of trees accelerated erosion problems on the park’s hillside.

City crews regraded the hillside, planted native vegetation, and covered it with hay mulch to prevent further erosion. Using part of a DNR grant, the City planted more than 30 new starter trees, each about 10–12 feet tall with trunks that are 2-1/2 inches in diameter.

Residents in North Tyrol still missed the larger shade trees they had enjoyed before the storm, so to supplement the City’s tree-planting efforts, several North Tyrol neighbors worked on a plan to purchase mature trees to plant alongside the younger vegetation.

The residents set a fundraising goal of $15,000 for “Trees for Tyrol,” and half of the neighborhood’s 300 households contributed to the $25,000 that was eventually raised, says Rob Wheaton, a coordinator for the project. That paid for 26 mature shade trees, which were recently planted in the park. The neighborhood plans to use remaining funds to pay the City to build a new trail and some benches in the park as well as put up signage, says Al Lundstom, parks maintenance coordinator.

The shade trees are warranted, so any that do not survive the transplanting process will be replaced, added Lundstrom.

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