City Offers Information To Citizens Affected By Recent Storms

Several storms passed through Golden Valley between June 20-22, downing trees, causing power outages, and flooding streets in some areas. According to the National Weather Service, more thunderstorms are expected in the Twin Cities metro area through Thursday (June 27). Below are the top storm-related issues for Golden Valley at this time.

During a storm, the City’s main priority is to monitor potential public safety issues.

After a storm, the priorities are to clear streets and right-of-ways of downed trees and storm debris, maintain the safety of public property, and monitor Bassett Creek for significant obstructions. Citizens are asked to help keep the community safe by monitoring weather conditions over the next several days, taking safety precautions, and reporting significant storm-related issues to proper authorities.

Water Supply Issue

The June 21 storm caused power outages at water pumping facilities in Golden Valley and Crystal, both of which supply drinking water to the Joint Water Commission Cities of Golden Valley, Crystal, and New Hope. While power has been restored to the Crystal facility, Xcel Energy is still working on restoring power to the Golden Valley facility.

With just one pumping station working to supply water to three communities, the City of Golden Valley is asking residents and businesses to please conserve water usage to necessities until further notice. The City will issue an all-clear notice when it’s able to produce water at both of its water pumping facilities.

Power Outages and Public Safety Issues

Many areas of Golden Valley are experiencing power outages. To report an outage, or to receive outage information or restoration estimates, call Xcel Energy‘s outage line 1-800-895-1999.

If you see a downed power line, stay away from it, report it to Xcel Energy, and call 911. Golden Valley police and firefighters will assess the situation and secure the area.

Street Flooding

Along with high winds, the storms brought massive amounts of rain. Golden Valley crews are monitoring City storm sewer facilities and Bassett Creek and working to clear obstructions and a priority basis. Citizens can help by keeping catch basins clear of debris so water can drain from the streets. For public and personal safety purposes, don’t drive on flooded streets, and never drive around barricades. To report a flooded street that may be impassable, call 911.

Downed Trees and Branches

Golden Valley crews have been working around the clock to clear downed trees and branches from City streets and public right-of-way, and calls are still coming in. To report a downed tree blocking a public street or sidewalk, call 911.

Downed and damaged trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, and all resulting brush must be stored on your property until you can arrange for disposal. Dumping on public property is illegal and will result in fines.

For clean-up assistance, contact your garbage hauler or a tree removal service. Brush can also be taken to a yard waste disposal site.

Tips For Homeowners

If your home is damaged in a storm, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. When hiring someone to do repairs on your property, be sure to work with a licensed contractor. It’s wise to get more than one bid, and always ask for a license, proof of insurance, and a business card (by law, all advertising and business cards must contain a license number). Once you have a license number, you can verify current licensing with the Department of Labor and Industry (651-284-5065 or 1-800-342-5354).

Make sure your contractor obtains the proper building permits for the work they will be completing for you. If you’re doing the repairs yourself, apply for the building permits as soon as possible. Permit information and forms are available at the Golden Valley Inspections Department in City Hall or online.

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