City Asks Citizens To Help Design Brookview Park’s New Playground

After 18 years of use, the Brookview Park playground will have all of its equipment replaced over the next year, and the City of Golden Valley is taking input from its citizens through a short online survey.

Brookview Park, located off Winnetka Ave just south of Hwy 55, is one of the more heavily used playgrounds in Golden Valley, meaning the equipment wears out faster than in other City parks.

The new playground equipment will use the same footprint of the old, so the location and size of the park likely won’t change. The new playground will likely be split into two sections, one for kids ages 2 to 5 and another for kids ages 6 to 12.

According to Golden Valley’s Parks and Recreation staff, designing a successful playground is all about balance. Equipment should challenge kids mentally and physically, but not be so advanced it will make them frustrated or be dangerous. Several factors must be considered: safety, age appropriateness, cognitive, physical and sensory stimulation, and social promotion through inclusive play.

Playgrounds are often where kids make new friends and there’s a chance for parents to meet other parents. Because of these opportunities for socialization and, ultimately, community building, the City believes resident input is very important to the playground design process.

The Brookview Park Playground Survey asks citizens what they’d like to see in a new playground, such as equipment types and layout. The City is also gathering feedback from members of its Open Space and Recreation Commission.

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