MCES Sewer Project Crews Install Pipe North Of Hwy 55, Begin I-394 Tunnels

This week on Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) regional sanitary sewer force main project, crews continue excavating tunneling pits at I-394 and will install pipe north from Hwy 55, which will require closure of the North Frontage Rd from Sept 3 to Sept 6.

North Frontage Rd detour mapAt I-394, Minger’s tunneling crew will continue to excavate tunneling pits and plans to start pushing casing pipe by the end of this week for the first of the three I-394 tunnels.

The pipe crew will finish backfilling the south pit of the Hwy 55 tunnel where the open cut pipe was tied into the tunneled pipe. Once this is completed, crews will begin installing pipe north from the Hwy 55 tunnel across the North Frontage Road to tie the new force main into existing lines. This will require a shutdown of the North Frontage Road between Zane Ave and Lindsay St from 7 am Tuesday, Sept 3 through 7 am Friday Sept 6. A detour will route traffic around the North Frontage Rd via Lindsay and Zane (see map).

Expect minor traffic control and roadway modifications when traveling through this corridor. Weekly updates will follow.

Last week, the pipe laying crew completed the tie-in on Golden Hills Dr, which coupled this year’s pipe with the pipe installed as part of last year’s Pavement Management Program on Circle Down. The tunneling crew began excavating the I-394 pit on the south side of the freeway, which is part of a process that will require four tunnel pits and three tunnels, starting south of I-394 and working north. Crews also replaced the bike trail between the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks and Laurel Ave and did preliminary grading in preparation for tree replacement and sod installation.

Project Background

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) is installing a new 18-inch regional sanitary sewer force main in Golden Valley (see map) to help relieve sanitary sewer capacity concerns along the I-394 corridor. Most of the installation of the MCES 1-GV-461 Reliever Project along Xenia Ave and Turner’s Crossroad will be completed during the 2013 summer construction season. Small portions of the project will need to be wrapped up in 2014.

If you have questions regarding this project, contact RJ Kakach at 763-593-8043. Get more information here about Golden Valley’s sanitary sewer system.

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