Recycle Half Of All You Throw

Juice up your recycling, milk it for all it’s worth, and help Hennepin County reach its goal of recycling at least 50 percent of all waste by 2015.

More waste items are recyclable than ever before, yet of more than a million tons of garbage thrown away each year, we only recycle 39 percent. To help you get to half, remember to recycle all of these materials that are still commonly thrown in the trash:

  • milk cartons
  • juice boxes
  • soup, broth, and wine cartons
  • yogurt, pudding and fruit cups
  • disposable cups
  • margarine, cottage cheese, and other plastic containers
  • produce, deli and takeout containers
  • dishwashing liquid bottles and detergent jugs
  • shampoo, soap, and lotion bottles
  • toothpaste, medication, and other toiletry boxes

Learn more about what you can recycle and get all of your recycling questions answered at You can also order a copy of the Residential Recycling Guide, or download one at

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