Tree Trust Volunteers Plant 35 Trees In Brookview Park

About 15 volunteers braved the rain Saturday to help plant 35 young shade trees around Brookview Park. The project, with the support from a Cargill grant and the City of Golden Valley, was part of Tree Trust’s ongoing efforts to “improve the community environment by investing in people.”


“We were very happy the volunteers stuck it out with the weather,” says Tim Teynor, City forester.20140607_094314

Volunteers, working from nine to noon Saturday, planted 25 trees around Brookview Park, and another 10 trees by the Brookview Golf fairway along Highway 55.20140607_092027

It’s especially important to be planting a variety of new trees, Teynor says, because the Emerald Ash Borer beetle is expected to wipe out all of the existing ash trees over the next few years.

To volunteer for Tree Trust projects, go here. To volunteer for other projects in the City, visit the City’s volunteer page here.

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