Crime Alert: Residential Burglaries Increase In Golden Valley; Watch For Suspicious Activity

Over the last several weeks, the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) has seen an increase in residential burglaries across the city. Please be alert to unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhood and parking in neighbors’ driveways. Call 911 immediately when you see or hear anything suspicious.

Clarence Robinson


These burglaries are generally occurring during the day and into early evening hours when homeowners are away from home. However, there have been incidents during the overnight hours in unlocked homes while the residents were sleeping. Please be diligent in remembering to secure your home when away and at night.

The GVPD is currently looking for Clarence Robinson (see photo), who has been identified through forensic evidence of committing a recent residential burglary in our city. He is 42 years old, 6’2” tall, and 184 lbs. He has a significant criminal history for residential burglary. Robinson may be traveling on a bicycle or with other individuals in a vehicle. If you see Robinson, please call 911 immediately.


Crime Prevention Reminders

  • Be particularly alert and responsive to noises or activity in your neighborhood. Be extra alert to unfamiliar cars parked in your neighborhood! PLEASE CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY if you see or hear unusual activity. All calls are prioritized and you will be put on hold if necessary, so don’t worry about “bothering the police.” Your neighbors will far more appreciate you calling about something suspicious than having to report a burglary.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are securely closed and locked at night. Keep purses out of sight of windows and doors. Pull drapes/shades on the first floor.
  • Light up the outside of your home from dusk until dawn every night.
    • Make sure the light is an even, low-level light that doesn’t glare toward the street too much. Lighting will discourage prowlers, assist police officers who patrol your area, and allow your neighbors to see each other’s houses.
  • If you wake up to hear an intruder in your house, get out of the house if possible. If that’s not possible, stay quiet until it is safe to get to a phone to call 911. If you are unable to speak because you are afraid of making noise, call 911 and leave the phone off the hook.
  • Generally, in these types of burglaries, the intruder does not want to confront anyone and will flee if discovered.
  • If you come home to find a burglary, do not enter your home and call 911 immediately. Do not wait to report the burglary. Please do not clean up or touch the area prior to police arriving as you may destroy evidence.


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