Volunteers Are Vital Resources In The Bassett Creek Watershed

Nearly all of Golden Valley’s storm water runoff drains into Bassett Creek, making it an important community asset. The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC), which manages the watershed, applauds its volunteers for dedicating their time and skills to helping the Commission achieve its mission.

The Beauty Of Bassett Creek

The Beauty of Bassett Creek, by Janice Laulainen, Views of the Valley Photo Contest 2007.

The BCWMC maintains and enhances the quality of the Bassett Creek Watershed, which encompasses 40 square miles within nine west metro cities and is one of 46 major watersheds in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

“Our volunteers are amazing, and we are thankful that they choose to share their talents and time with us,” states BCWMC Chair Jim de Lambert.

BCWMC volunteers help collect water samples and take Secchi disk readings to monitor lake water quality through the Citizen-Assisted Monitoring Program, coordinate groups of students to collect data on aquatic bugs and invertebrates in streams through Hennepin County’s River Watch program, lead education activities, take photographs, and participate on BCWMC Committees, among other activities.

BCWMC volunteers for 2013 and 2014 include Ryan Atwell, Patrice Anderson, Jonathan Burris, Nancy Ebner, Richard Emery, Barrie Froseth, Mayra Jannette Guzman, David Hanson, Ted Hoshal, Bridgett Jodell, Dan Johnson, Steve Johnson, Linda Loomis, David Nelson, Josie Nelson, Jon Ong, Cara Rickenberg, Eric Sherman, Elizabeth Thornton, Dan Trockman, the staff at the Westwood Nature Center, and Robert White.

The BCWMC is a joint powers water management organization comprising nine municipalities: Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Medicine Lake, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, and St Louis Park. Originating from the Bassett Creek Flood Control Commission formed in 1969, the BCWMC was established in 1982.

For more information about the BCWMC or its volunteer opportunities, visit www.bassettcreekwmo.org or contact Administrator Laura Jester.

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