Golden Valley Sees 22 Theft From Vehicle Cases In 24 Hours

In the early hours of Oct 23, unknown suspect(s) entered at least 22 vehicles in Golden Valley and stole miscellaneous items from many of them, including laptop computers, wallets, and spare change.

theft-from-auto-10-24-14So, what did all of the vehicles have in common? Every one was UNLOCKED at the time of the theft!

It takes just a few seconds. In that time a thief could:

  • open your car door
  • be using your credit cards before you can report them stolen
  • be surfing the web with your smart phone/tablet/laptop
  • sell/pawn/clone your cell phone/iPod/laptop

A Few Minutes Of Prevention Can Save Hours Of Frustration

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) urges residents to take the following precautions.

  • Lock your car and close your windows. This may discourage some of the more casual thieves, those looking for the opportunity to steal. It will also deter those who would go into an unlocked car to look for a trunk release button in order to steal the contents of the trunk.
  • Do not leave anything in your vehicle. Any visible property is vulnerable. Lock valuables in the trunk BEFORE you reach your destination.
  • Do not leave garage door openers in your vehicle. It’s not hard to locate your address (just look through your glove box), and with your garage door opener, the thief now has access to your home.
  • Record your serial numbers. You can increase the chance of stolen property being recovered by providing the serial numbers, makes and models to the Police Department.

Call 911 If You See Suspicious Behavior

Report all incidents of theft and vandalism by calling 911. Reporting is critical because it helps us establish crime patterns. If you have any information regarding any theft in Golden Valley, please call the GVPD at 763-593-8079.


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