City’s New Winter Parking Restrictions Go Into Effect Nov 1

This fall the City Council amended the City Code to prohibit parking on public streets and alleys Nov 1–March 31 from midnight–6 am daily. Vehicles may be parked on private property in parking lots and driveways. This change was based on input from residents expressing concerns about safety and how parked vehicles impact snow and ice removal. (To request a temporary exemption, fill out the online“Winter Parking Waiver” form.) Please note that all waivers are temporary and void during snow emergencies (2+ inches of snow accumulation).

Parking is also prohibited on public streets after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has stopped falling and the street has been plowed to the curb line. During a large snow storm the City may plow a street multiple times. Keeping parked vehicles off the street will help crews efficiently and effectively clear the snow. Vehicles in violation are cited by patrolling police. Vehicles found to be obstructing traffic or snowplows, and those still in violation after 24 hours, may be towed. To stay informed, sign up for Golden Valley snow emergency email alerts, listen to weather forecasts, and adjust any travel plans accordingly.

Seasonally, snow removal/ice treatment operations occur more often than the much publicized snow emergency days. For example, last winter only five snow emergencies were declared due to snow accumulation of 2 or more inches; however, City crews were out plowing/treating streets for snow
and/or ice on more than 50 additional days. Ideally, City crews plow or treat the streets in the early morning before rush hour. Vehicles parked on the street hamper crews from treating areas of the road and cause potential hazards should a plow truck slide on the icy roads they are there to address.

The City Council plans to review the new parking restriction in the spring to evaluate its effectiveness.

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