Planning Commission and City Council To Consider Subdivision Ordinance Recommendations

The Planning Commission and City Council will begin considering recommendations for changes to the City’s subdivision/zoning ordinances with a Planning Commission public hearing Monday, February 23, at 7 pm. The City Council will likely consider the recommendations at its meeting Tuesday, March 17.

The proposed changes are related to minimum lot size; lot width and rear yard setbacks; definitions for front, rear, and side lot lines; and restrictions on the use of residential Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). Consideration of changes to the Tree Preservation Ordinance has been postponed to allow for further research into landscaping standards. To see complete information about the proposed changes, visit the Subdivision Study website.


In response to concerns brought forward by several Golden Valley residents, in September 2014 the City Council enacted a six-month moratorium on single family residential property subdivisions until further research could be completed. The Council hired HKGi, a planning consultant team, to listen to residents’ experiences, concerns, and ideas, and then hosted a listening session in December as one of the first steps in studying the issue. Resulting discussion would be used to identify options for improving the City’s regulations.


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