City Council Approves Next Steps For Replacing Brookview Community Center

At its May 5 meeting, the Golden Valley City Council directed staff to hire the architecture firm Hammel, Green & Abrahamson (HGA) and begin the process to replace Brookview Community Center. Next steps include a pre-design phase and public input process to appropriately size the conceptual design to align with City Council direction.

Brookview Community Center is nearly 100 years old and has been expanded and remodeled several times over the years. With critical repairs looming, the City is faced with either investing in maintenance of aging building or investing in a new building that better suits community needs.

Brief History

In 2014 the City hired HGA to evaluate Brookview and develop a needs assessment, then work with staff and a Council-appointed task force of citizen representatives to study historical use patterns, community needs, and future program and revenue opportunities to come up with an initial feasibility study and conceptual design.

The Community Center Task Force spent nine months studying issues and alternatives related to how Brookview Community Center meets Golden Valley’s needs for recreation programming, meeting spaces, banquet facilities, and community gathering spots as well as the needs of its golf customers.

At a check-in meeting with the City Council Oct 14, the Council directed the Task Force to develop a concept between $9 and $38 million, with $9 million being the baseline cost to replace Brookview at its current size. At the Dec 9, 2014 Council/Manager meeting, the Task Force presented a summary report with recommendations that included a vision and initial design concepts for rebuilding the aging facility at a cost of $38 million.

At its Jan 20 meeting, the City Council received and filed the report and agreed to consider the recommendations as part of the City’s overall asset and infrastructure strategic plan. Council next discussed the issue at its April 14 Council/Manager meeting. After considering tax impacts for the range of costs involved, the Council directed staff to hire an architect and begin working on a scaled-down Brookview Community Center replacement plan with an approximate budget of $9–$12 million. The design would be required to include options for future expansion. The City Council formally authorized that direction May 5.

Next Steps

City staff will work with HGA to integrate the Community Center Task Force recommendations into a pre-design scope that may include:

  • replacement of key amenities needed to maintain current services
  • improved areas for current and future community programs, events, and classes
  • enlarged facility areas wherever possible
  • a focus on accessibility
  • consideration for multi-use spaces
  • an entrance/lobby that can serve as a gathering place
  • location of building in a manner that takes advantage of Brookview’s unique view and outdoor recreation areas, with connections to the green space
  • use of building materials that reflect and enhance the park area and green space
  • use of energy efficient building technology

The pre-design phase will also include two public information and idea-gathering meetings. Pre-design work will begin this summer.

Schematic design would potentially begin in 2016 and could be included in the City’s 2016-2020 Capital Improvement Fund. Watch for updates here.

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