Heed Safety Requirements For Recreational Fires

An evening enjoying a backyard chiminea fire turned disastrous for a Golden Valley resident when an errant spark started her garage on fire several hours after she went to bed. Fortunately, the family was alerted by a neighbor and got out before the fire spread to the rest of the house. To read the complete story, watch your mailbox next week for the May/June CityNews.

In the meantime, please remember the following safety requirements for recreational fires:

  • Residents must obtain a City recreational fire permit and have it available during any rec fire.
  • Fires must be a safe distance away from any structure (the International Fire Code recommends 25 feet) and at least 10 feet from any property line.
  • Fire can be no larger than 3 feet in diameter and 3 feet high; pit must be surrounded by noncombustible and odor producing material.
  • Only clean wood can be burned. No trash, leaves, or garbage can be burned or used to start a rec fire, and no flammable or combustible liquids shall be used.
  • A garden hose or other adequate means of extinguishment must be available during any rec fire.
  • The fire must be constantly attended by a responsible adult and extinguished when unattended.

See the City website for more information about recreational fires, including site and condition requirements.

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