Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission Recognizes Golden Valley Volunteers

Four Golden Valley citizens were among 10 volunteers recently recognized by the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC)  for their hard work in helping the BCWMC achieve its mission: “Stewardship of water resources to protect and enhance our communities.” They include Jonathan Burris, Shanna Hanson, Linda Loomis, and Cara Rickenberg.

Students from the SEA School in Golden Valley collect water samples from Bassett Creek.

Students from the SEA School in Golden Valley collect water samples from Bassett Creek.

The BCWMC was established in 1968 to maintain and enhance the quality of lakes and streams in the Bassett Creek Watershed, which encompasses 40 square miles within nine west metro cities (Crystal, Golden Valley, Medicine Lake, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, New Hope, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, and St Louis Park).

“Volunteers provide their time and talents to the BCWMC in a variety of ways,” says BCWMC Chair Jim de Lambert, “from collecting water samples in lakes through the Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP), to leading committees and gathering resident input, to wading through streams searching for aquatic insects for the River Watch Program. The BCWMC deeply appreciates these volunteers and their commitment to improving water resources in our communities.”

CAMP volunteers Shanna Hanson and Jonathan Burris collect data and water samples on Sweeney Lake and Twin Lake, respectively. The work involves collecting samples once every few weeks, making notes on the lake’s condition (including water temperature), collecting several different samples for future analysis, recording data (like weather conditions, etc), and pumping and filtering water to determine the amount of algae in the water.

Linda Loomis led the BCWMC Plan Steering Committee from 2012 to 2015 and was instrumental in helping the BCWMC develop its 10-year watershed management plan, leading 24 committee meetings and four larger workshops. The BCWMC also honored Loomis with a resolution of appreciation.

Cara Rickenberg coordinates the River Watch Program visits for the School of Engineering and Arts in Golden Valley, during which classes visit the creek to collect data and aquatic insects (which provide the BCWMC with information about the stream’s water quality).

Other schools that monitor Bassett Creek in Golden Valley through the River Watch Program include Blake High School (Dan Trockman’s classes have been monitoring the creek at General Mills Park since 2007) and Cooper High School (Jon Ong’s classes have been monitoring the creek at Noble Ave since 1999).

Volunteers recognized from other communities include Education Committee member and photographer Dan Johnson of Crystal, CAMP volunteers David and Josie Nelson and Patrick Anderson of Medicine Lake, and CAMP volunteers Bob White of New Hope, Barrie Froseth and David Parker of Plymouth, and Nancy Ebner of St Louis Park.

In addition, several local organizations were recognized for advocating for and improving water resources and educating community members about water quality best practices. They include Friends of Northwood Lake, Friends of Bassett Creek, Sweeney Lake Homeowners Association, and the Association of Medicine Lake Area Citizens.

For more information about the BCWMC, visit and or contact Administrator Laura Jester at

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