Shop With A Cop Raises $3,520 To Help Local Youth

The season got brighter for adults and kids alike Dec 15 as a group of Golden Valley police officers and staff took 13 local kids on a shopping spree so they could buy Christmas gifts for their family members.

ShopWithACop-group-croppedShop With A Cop, the Golden Valley Police Department’s (GVPD) newest community outreach program, provided children from families in need with Target gift cards to be used for family gifts. Children spent the evening shopping with cops and staff, followed by dinner and gift-wrapping at the GVPD.

As a surprise, the children were presented with several gifts of their own at the end of the night. One child exclaimed, “These are all for me?” Another child later told her teacher, “This was the best day of my life.”

A collaboration between the City of Golden Valley and Noble Elementary School, Shop With A Cop was set up to help families in need during the holidays. Around a dozen police officers and staff jump-started the fundraising for the program through pledges collected from the Dec 7 Burpees for Bucks event, during which they each completed a minimum of 30 burpees on the Noble Elementary gym stage in front of a cheering student body. Personal donations from this group as well as from other police officers and City employees helped bring the grand total to $3,520.

“Our initial shop-with-a-copgoal was $1,500,” said Police Chief Stacy Carlson. “The additional funds helped us offer the program to more children.”

Carlson also indicated the inaugural program was a success and that Shop With A Cop will be back next year. Others agreed.

“I think I speak for everyone here when I say it was just as rewarding for us as it was for the kids,” said Joanne Paul, crime analyst.


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