Exterior Property Maintenance Inspections To Start Tuesday

Over the next few months the City of Golden Valley will be inspecting the exteriors and yards of all properties in the community. Inspections will start May 31 and will take about four to six weeks to complete. 

Inspections will focus on what can be seen from the street or sidewalk. Some common issues inspectors find are accumulation of debris in the yard, garbage and recycling cans in front of the house, and house numbers not visible from the street.

Maintaining Golden Valley’s Housing Stock

Golden Valley’s property maintenance program was developed based on citizen input gathered through public surveys, meetings, and online feedback. It applies to multiple-dwelling properties and one- and two-family homes and stresses a common-sense approach to maintenance. It also helps actively maintain the vitality and integrity of the City’s housing stock and achieve a number of community goals. These include:

  • establishing and upholding housing standards for public health, safety, welfare, and basic livability
  • encouraging proper home maintenance
  • preserving and enhancing community value
  • promoting communication between residents and the City

The City’s goal is to partner with homeowners to:

  • address minimum maintenance standards for your home and yard to protect against deteriorating housing
  • find and fix maintenance concerns well before they lead to neighbor complaints
  • help prevent major condition defects that can be unsightly, unsafe, and can impact neighboring properties

Questions? The City’s property maintenance inspectors will work with you to resolve any issues. Dave Gustafson can be reached at 763-593-8074 and Don Nutter at 763-593-8092.

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