City Pilots Seasonal Off-Leash Pet Exercise Areas

The City of Golden Valley is piloting a program to offer seasonal off-leash pet exercise areas in the outdoor hockey rinks at Gearty and Medley Parks. These areas will officially open Sept 6 and continue daily 7 am–10 pm until winter rink maintenance operations begin.

The off-leash exercise areas will feature access gates and waste receptacles. There will be no fees to enter the areas.

Owners are legally responsible for any harm, injuries, and/or damage caused by their pet as well as for proper clean-up and disposal of pet waste. All pets must be:

  • leashed before entering and when exiting the areas
  • up-to-date on vaccinations
  • trained for verbal control to prevent inappropriate and/or aggressive behavior
  • removed from the area if the outing is causing issues for other pet owners

A notification of closure of the off-leash areas will be posted on the City website.

“The City Council and staff have heard from residents for a number of years now that it would be nice to have off-leash exercise areas for pets, and we thought this would be a unique way to see if it’s feasible as a long-term option,” says Rick Birno, parks and recreation director. “We want to try out the concept and see how smoothly it goes.”

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