GV Fire Dept Trains Nine New Recruits While Veterans Get Refreshers

The Golden Valley Fire Department has nine new fire fighters in training this spring, the biggest number of new recruits for a single year in at least a decade, says fire education specialist Stephen Baker. They just got done wrapping up a physically intense three-week search and rescue course, Baker says. At the same time, veterans with the department have been taking refresher courses in other areas.

The recruits are training with the West Suburban Fire Academy, a multi-city cooperative training program designed specifically to prepare new recruits to meet National Fire Protection Association standards. After completing the Academy, firefighters will have earned three state certifications (Firefighter I,  Firefighter II, and Hazardous Materials Operations).

Also, last weekend, emergency medical technicians with the Golden Valley Fire Department went through annual training. They reviewed patient assessment and caring for patients who have experienced a seizure or who are having a diabetic emergency. These fire fighters also had to demonstrate their skills and ability to work as a team in a 30-minute scenario.

“What people may not know is how hard paid on-call firefighters work, what it takes to become one, and how committed they have to be just to get through the hiring and training process,” Baker says. “But firefighters get a lot out of it, too. They learn vital skills that can be beneficial at any time in their lives. It’s very rewarding.”

If you have questions about the GVFD or are interested in becoming a paid on-call firefighter, contact Baker at 763-593-3977, or visit www.goldenvalleyfire.com.

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