City Looks To Accelerate Schedule For 10th Ave Culvert Replacement

The aging metal culverts that carry Bassett Creek under 10th Ave and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks are scheduled for replacement late this year, but recent inspection results have prompted the City to push for an accelerated reconstruction plan.

The City has been communicating with Union Pacific since 2008 regarding inspection results and the potential impacts of culvert failure, which include flooding and train derailment. The two arch culverts (114-inch span) and one round culvert (72-inch diameter), classified as bridges because of their size, are inspected annually and have recently shown rapid deterioration.

To prevent further degradation, this spring the Minnesota Department of Transportation placed a load rating of 10 tons on 10th Ave, and the City asked Union Pacific to reroute trains until the culverts are repaired. While the City waits for a response from Union Pacific, staff has begun contingency planning in case of culvert collapse. This includes modeling to determine flood levels and emergency response scenarios for flooding and hazardous spills from a possible train derailment.

The Project
Last year the City began preparing concepts and alternatives for culvert replacement as a cooperative project with Union Pacific. Previous plans proposed by Union Pacific to re-line the existing culvert were deemed unacceptable by the Bassett Creek Watershed Commission because the outcome would increase the potential for flooding upstream (west).

The project would involve digging up 10th Ave (between the Golden Valley Library and the end of Rhode Island Ave N), the Luce Line Trail, and the railroad track to replace the culverts with two concrete box culverts. Work would take two to three months to complete. In preparation, the City has been removing trees and meeting with utility companies regarding construction conflicts in the area.

Pending legislation, if approved, would allow the City to use state financing for most of the project costs if the culverts are placed on the list for State Aid Bridge Bonding. Selection is based on priority.

If you have questions about this project, contact City Engineer Jeff Oliver at 763-593-8034.

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