Join A Comp Plan Conversation On Housing April 12

You’re invited to attend an informal conversation session Wed, April 12, followed by presentations, discussion, and the Planning Commission meeting. The open house will be from 6-6:30 pm at the City Hall Council Chambers and will focus on the housing section of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

A Focus On Housing
The housing chapter of the Comprehensive Plan is an opportunity to state the City’s specific policy priorities around housing choices within the community. Providing a variety of housing choices allows people to find high-quality, affordable, environmentally sustainable housing that meets their needs in the communities where they want to live. A full range of housing types can help increase the resilience of a community as it experiences changing demographic and economic conditions.

Preliminary goals for this chapter are:

  • maintain housing quality
  • expand the variety of housing options
  • increase housing affordability
  • encourage environmentally sustainable housing
  • advance equity in housing practices and policies

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