Metro Blooms Presents “Creating Weather Resilient Yards” Workshop May 4

Learn how to create a weather resilient yard Thursday, May 4, 6-9 pm, at a workshop presented by Metro Blooms and sponsored by the West Metro Watershed Alliance and the Cities of Golden Valley, Crystal, New Hope, and Robbinsdale. The workshop will be at the Crystal Community Center, 4800 Douglas Dr N, Crystal.

Unseasonably warm weather, long periods of drought, and flooding rains are the new normal for Minnesota’s spring and summer seasons. Metro Blooms’ Creating Weather Resilient Yards workshops will give you an overview of the Minnesota’s changing weather patterns and ways to mitigate the impact in your own yard.

Increasingly severe changes in Minnesota’s weather patterns are impacting all of us, but these changes are felt the most in our cities. The urban heat “island effect” intensifies heat waves. Instead of storm water soaking into the soil where it can be cleaned, cooled, and in turn help cool the earth, the high amount of impervious surface in cities directs storm water, along with toxins and pollutants, directly to our waterways.

In this workshop you will learn there are many ways to create a more resilient landscape that can improve the microclimate in your own yard and protect our natural environment. You’ll receive recommendations for your property and options for establishing mowable, native alternatives to “grass” turf. Includes one-on-one assistance from Metro Blooms landscape designers, Blue Thumb Planting for Clean Water Partners, Hennepin County Master Gardeners, and Master Water Stewards, as well as information about cost share programs and Blue Thumb resources for help along the way.

To register, go to or call 651-699-2426. This workshop is $15/household, but you should register soon. You can also mail your registration to Workshop Registration, PO Box 17099, Minneapolis, MN 55417. Enclose a check payable to Metro Blooms, and include the workshop location, your name, address, zip code, phone number. and your email address.

Metro Blooms, a local non-profit organization, works to strengthen communities by promoting environmentally-sound landscaping that beautifies neighborhoods and protects our environment.

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