Utility Work Continues On Douglas Dr and Duluth St

One of the key activities for this stage of the Douglas Dr construction project is the removal and replacement of sanitary, storm, and water main pipes. Crews remain busy with this work in two areas right now: Douglas Dr between Duluth St (County Rd 66) and Phoenix St, and Duluth St between Douglas Dr and Brunswick Ave.

Water Main Work

Crews will be continuing water main work next week on Winsdale, Knoll and Phoenix Streets and St Croix Ave. Each street will be completed one at a time, one after another.

Please be aware that water running to residences and businesses will be shut off while work is occurring. These shutoffs are typically limited to a maximum of four hours. Residents will be notified in advance before their water service is shut-off.

While it is an inconvenience, this is a necessary step as the County collaborates with they City of Golden Valley and utility companies to update utilities in and around the area as part of the reconstruction project.

Temporary Water Lines

Crews are completing the transition to temporary water lines along the construction zone on Douglas Dr. Residents in the work area will see temporary water lines and could experience a brief water shutoff as the water shifts to temporary lines.

All temporary water services are tested and provide the same, safe water to homes that is provided through the permanent water system. The only difference are the pipes the water travels through and a slight change in water pressure.

If you notice a leak in the water pipes, please contact construction leads immediately (Dale Paulson at 612-462-7686 or Robert Skarset at 612-282-8440). You can also contact the City of Golden Valley at 763-593-8038 or 763-593-8030. After hours, you can contact the construction leads or the City of Golden Valley dispatch by dialing 911.

Railroad Crossing Work

This week, crews will be installing sewer pipes underneath the railroad crossing just north of Hampshire Place using a method called jack and bore. Crews will drill a hole underground horizontally to pass a steel casing pipe through without disturbing the rail crossing surface above. Residents and businesses near the crossing should expect noise and slight vibrations. The work is expected to last a week.

Get Your Questions Answered

The Hennepin County construction team will begin hosting weekly office hours starting Wednesday, April 12, 8:30–9:30 am, at Golden Valley City Hall. This time is open to the public to ask questions about the project.

Getting Around And Staying Safe

You can still travel around this area, including to get to local businesses.

It’s important to follow speed limits and signs and stay alert in this area, including during evenings and weekends. Traffic changes, construction crews, equipment, and work areas near the roadway will require extra attention from road users.

For More Information

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Project Website (project status throughout the course of the project)

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Project Hotline: 612-543-3485

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