Join A Comp Plan Conversation On Sustainability And Resilience May 8

You’re invited to attend an informal conversation session Mon, May 8, followed by presentations, discussion, and the Planning Commission meeting. The open house will be from 6-6:30 pm at the City Hall Council Chambers and will focus on the sustainability and resilience section of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

A Focus On Sustainability
As communities adjust to increasingly extreme weather events, stress on public facilities, and higher costs of services, there is growing need to not only plan for these events but to also reduce the impacts of climate and weather-related events through conscious climate adaptation and resilience planning.

Sustainable development aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Resilience is having the capacity to respond, adapt, and thrive under changing conditions. Consideration of vulnerabilities-–and responses to those vulnerabilities-–will strengthen the City’s ability to prepare for and respond to climate impacts. Resiliency includes planning for more severe weather and prolonged heatwaves, for improved health of residents, and for economic strength and diversity.

Preliminary goals for this chapter are:

  • encourage renewable energy
  • encourage waste reduction, recycling, and composting
  • encourage energy efficiency
  • enhance water quality
  • maintain/increase native vegetation
  • educate and engage the public

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July 10: Transportation
Aug 7: Parks and Nature Areas
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