Join A Comp Plan Conversation On Parks And Nature Areas Aug 7

You’re invited to attend an informal conversation session Mon, Aug 7, followed by presentations, discussion, and the Planning Commission meeting. The open house will be from 6-6:30 pm at the City Hall Council Chambers and will focus on the parks and nature areas section of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

A Focus On Parks And Nature Areas
Parks and open spaces are key contributors to the region’s livability, sustainability, and quality of life. They strengthen residents’ physical, psychological, and social well-being by providing opportunities for recreation, stress reduction, and social interaction. Natural areas provide environmental benefits by preserving natural resources, reducing air pollution, and managing storm water runoff.

Local, regional, state, and federal parks and open space areas, as well as private and nonprofit facilities, all play an important role in supporting and protecting the overall outdoor recreation system and are recognized in the comprehensive plan.

Preliminary goals for this chapter are:

  • preserve parks
  • acquire additional land
  • deliver recreation and education opportunities
  • protect and enhance open spaces and natural resources
  • grow the Brookview Golf and Recreation Area

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