Winnetka Ave Weather Station Helps City Monitor Pavement Conditions

At the end of October, the City installed road sensors and cameras on Winnetka Ave south of Hwy 55, one in the northbound lane and one in the southbound. This technology will help City crews respond to changing pavement conditions more proficiently while reducing environmental impacts.

The cameras take pictures of the road surface every 10 minutes and send alerts to City staff about road conditions (see photo below). The system also includes sensors that measure:Winnetka Ave road cameras

  • rain, snow, slush, and ice
  • level of traction on the road
  • pavement temperature
  • air temperature
  • dew point

Staff uses the information to determine how to manage snow and ice control, with the goal of reducing the amount of chemicals used on the roadway. Chemicals like the chloride in road salt can harm fish, aquatic plants, groundwater, and drinking water, and the City is continually working to improve its sustainability efforts, including protection of the natural environment.

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