Xcel Energy To Swap Old Streetlight Bulbs With LEDs

In a major step toward meeting Golden Valley’s sustainability goals, Xcel Energy will replace more than 500 street lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs will burn as bright as the old lights but use far less energy, saving the City more than $3,800 per year and preventing roughly 221,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per year.

Xcel is retrofitting the lights with 3000 Kelvin color temperature bulbs at no cost to the City. To better match the warm, softer glow of the old street lights, Xcel is installing 3000K LED bulbs instead of the cool white 4000K bulbs used in other applications.

The City recently switched to LED bulbs for its traffic signals and the entire Civic Center campus, including parking lots. The City is working to install LED lights at its ballfields, and eventually, all City parks.

This is a big achievement and something the community should be proud of, says Eric Eckman, Golden Valley’s development and assets coordinator. It also brings the City closer to achieving its resilience and sustainability goals and advancing within GreenStep Cities, a statewide sustainability challenge, assistance,
and recognition program.

The LED streetlight bulbs will create a more focused light than the old ones, reducing glare and spillover, Eckman says. You’ll notice the difference at first but will quickly get used to it.

Aside from a handful of neighborhoods with decorative lights, all Golden Valley streetlights will have LED bulbs within the first quarter of 2018. Xcel is replacing 558 bulbs in total.

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