Try A LimeBike At Run The Valley April 21

LimeBike will make its Golden Valley debut Saturday, April 21, at Run the Valley in Brookview Park. LimeBike representatives will be near the start/finish before and after the race to talk about bike sharing and demonstrate how to use a LimeBike.  Bikes will be available for test rides as well.

LimeBike is similar to the NiceRide Minnesota program (which operates in Minneapolis and St Paul) but with one major difference—no docking stations. They can be parked anywhere, as long as it’s a legal parking location for a bike. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the LimeBike app.
  2. Using GPS tracking, the app will tell you where the nearest available LimeBike is.
  3. When you find the bike, you scan its barcode and use the app’s payment system to unlock the bike. You can then ride it wherever you want to go.
  4. When you park the bike and end your rental session, you need to lock the bike, and it can only be used again when another LimeBike customer chooses to rent it.

Unlocking a bike for use will cost $1. Customers would then be charged $1 for every 30 minutes with the bike ($1 for every 10 minutes for electric bikes), until the rental session ends.

LimeBike is the leading dockless bike share provider in the US. It is present in about 50 markets nationally, but this will be the first time the service comes to Minnesota.

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