Hennepin County Looking To Sell Three Homes In Golden Valley Area

The Hennepin County Tax Forfeited Land Division is selling three homes in the Golden Valley area and is taking bids until June 29. These tax-forfeited homes were recently renovated using small business contractors based in the community where the homes are located. Multiple open houses will also be offered for each property.

Current Homes For Sale:

2601 Girard Avenue N. Minneapolis, MN 55411

  • Minimum bid $154,000

3133 Winnetka Avenue Crystal, MN 55427

  • Minimum bid $242,000

4320 Culver Road Golden Valley, MN 55422

  • Minimum bid $255,000

For more information about these homes and to view a complete schedule of their open houses, visit the Hennepin County Real Estate web page. For questions or concerns about these homes, email tflinfo@hennepin.us or call 612-348-3011.

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