June 18-24 Is Pollinator Week In Minnesota

The State of Minnesota has declared the week of June 18 as Pollinator Week. This week is meant to inform people about the valuable ecosystem services provided by birds, butterflies, bats, bees, and other insects.

More than one third of all plants or plant-based products consumed by humans are dependent on various insects, such as bees and butterflies, for pollination. Increasing evidence shows these insect pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates for a variety of reasons such as loss of habitat, diseases, and pesticides.

What Can You Do To Help Pollinators?

  • Plant pollinator-attractive flowers. Choose a variety of native flowers of different shapes and colors that bloom at different times to provide a diverse and continuous pollen source.
  • Leave ornamental grasses uncut in the fall. This will provide an overwinter habitat for many insect pollinators.
  • Limit pesticide use. Rely on natural predators such as amphibians, birds, and spiders to eliminate pests. If a pesticide must be used, use the lowest recommended amount and apply it in the evening when pollinators are not foraging.

Take the Minnesota Pollinator Promise

Join the MN Department of Agriculture’s “Protect Minnesota Pollinators” campaign to better your yard and garden for pollinators.

For more information about Pollinator Week, visit the MN Department of Agriculture website.

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