Much-Needed Renovations Coming To Multiple City Parks

Through many years of harsh winters and unbearable summers, it’s expected that playground equipment, athletic fields, and tennis courts will receive normal wear and tear. The City of Golden Valley will be making the following park improvements in the coming months.


  • Phase III of the Brookview reconstruction, which includes landscaping around the Brookview property, is underway and expected to be completed by the end of September.
  • The Brookview Lawn Bowling turf has been installed and is being prepped for the fall season. Watch for information about the grand opening in early August.

Isaacson Park

  • The LED field lights on Fields 1 and 3 are currently being replaced and are almost complete.
  • Other projects include relocation of entrance stairs, storm water grading improvements, installation of new asphalt paths, and permanent relocation of the portable toilet.

Lions Park

  • Ball field dugouts on Fields 1 and 4 will be reconstructed this fall.
  • Fences and benches will also be updated and dugout roofs will be installed.

Schaper Park

  • Improvements to the Schaper Park Challenge Course are underway and should be completed soon.
  • The roof on the Schaper Park building is scheduled to be replaced this fall.

Wesley Park

  • Reconstruction of the four tennis courts is on schedule. They should be ready for use by the end of August, along with the new adjustable hoops on the basketball court.
  • The play structure has been replaced and the park shelter roof will be replaced this fall.

Wildwood Park

  • Pickleball court construction is on schedule. They are expected to open mid-August.


Ongoing park improvements throughout the system include park signage and bleacher replacement and outdoor athletic field relamping.

If you have questions or concerns about work in Golden Valley Parks, contact Parks and Recreation Director Rick Birno at 763-512-2342.

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