Don’t Invite The Fire Department To Your Next BBQ

Did you know that July is the peak month for home fires in the United States? Fires in the home can be caused by any number of summertime activities, like grilling and using recreational fireworks. The Golden Valley Fire Department wants to ensure all residents are taking the proper steps to stay safe this summer.

Grilling Safety

Most home fires are started by gas grills, not charcoal, and start because something flammable was left too close to the grill. You can never be too careful when dealing with fire and a hot grill.

Follow these safety tips when grilling:

  • Never use a grill indoors, and don’t leave it unattended.
  • When lighting a grill, leave the top open. If it doesn’t light in your first few attempts, wait five minuted before trying again.
  • Keep your grill clean.
  • When using a grill, keep it away from your house, deck railings, or under eaves.

For more information about grilling safety, visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website.

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