The City Of Golden Valley Is On Instagram

Over the past month the City of Golden Valley has created more social media accounts to better keep residents informed about City news, events, emergencies, and more. The next part of this growth is to expand onto a different platform with Instagram.

The City plans to use Instagram as a way to showcase our beautiful city through photographs. Whether it be photos of artwork, nature, or people, the City hopes to connect with residents through this popular medium and foster a sense of city pride and spirit.

Residents are encouraged to follow all social media accounts the City provides to stay up to date on current events, news, and highlights in Golden Valley. The public will be informed if a new social media account is created.

To follow the City’s new Instagram account, log into and search City of Golden Valley.

To find the City accounts on Twitter, log into and search @GVMNPolice@GVMNFire, and @GoldenValleyMN and to find the City of Golden Valley on Facebook, log into and search City of Golden Valley, MN.

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