Cut Down On Your Trash With The Zero Waste Challenge

Hennepin County is looking for 50 households to participate in the Zero Waste Challenge and take an in-depth look at the goods they buy and the waste created in hopes of finding new opportunities to recycle and reduce waste.

Reusable mesh produce shopping bag

The goal of this eight-month challenge is to learn what people are struggling with when it comes to minimizing waste in hopes of making recycling, reusing, and reducing much easier.

How The Challenge Works

Participants will receive personalized coaching to review the waste generated in their homes and create a waste reduction plan specific to their needs. They will also receive supplies and educational materials, including a scale to weigh waste, compostable bags, a compost bin, and a zero waste guide. This guide will help households track and report the trash, recycling, and food waste they generate for four weeks at the beginning of the challenge and four weeks at the end of the challenge.

Challenge participants are expected to attend an introductory workshop along with a follow-up workshop to learn about different ways they can reduce waste. Workshops cover a wide range of topics and will be offered at many different locations, dates, and times throughout the challenge. Participants are also asked to make their best attempt to adopt waste-reduction practices suggested by challenge staff or volunteers.

The Zero Waste Challenge starts Sept 10, 2018 and will run until April 30, 2019. Registration runs July 27–Aug 19. To learn more and to register for the challenge, visit the Zero Waste Challenge page on the Hennepin County website.

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