Golden Valley Rd Bridge Project Reaches Major Milestone

Despite weather challenges, such as heavy rains this summer, crews have kept the Golden Valley Rd (County Rd 66) bridge project on schedule. Last weekend, they successfully completed the concrete foundation for the new bridge over Bassett Creek, the most time-intensive step of the project.

Before they could pour the foundation, crews excavated, removed the old bridge, and tested and installed the foundation framework (pilings and footings).

On Aug 7, crews installed precast concrete arches (see photo) that allow Bassett Creek to flow under Golden Valley Rd. These arches were built offsite to specific requirements, delivered to the site, then installed in segments onto the foundation. This method is cost-effective and shortens construction time while also providing the quality and durability needed for a new bridge.

The next step is backfilling the area with dirt in preparation for rebuilding the roadway. That work is expected to take up to a week.

Road Rebuilding Begins Soon

Once backfilling is completed, crews will begin building the new roadway. This will include:

  • grading for the new roadway
  • pouring concrete curbs and gutters
  • pouring concrete sidewalks along both sides of the bridge
  • paving and striping the new roadway

In addition, crews will install ornamental railings on the new bridge as part of aesthetic improvements.

Weather permitting, it is anticipated the bridge will reopen to traffic Aug 31.

Construction Activities Will Continue After Bridge Reopens

Even after the bridge reopens to traffic, crews will work in the area for an additional month to complete final construction tasks, including landscaping, paving the final layer of asphalt, and final cleanup. These activities will have minor impacts to traffic; however, it’s still important that people driving, walking, biking, and rolling slow down and avoid where crews are working for everyone’s safety.

About The Golden Valley Road Bridge Project

This summer Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Golden Valley, has been replacing the century-old bridge on Golden Valley Rd over Bassett Creek. Located just west of Theodore Wirth Parkway, the bridge is being reconstructed with design and functional improvements, including:

  • new road surface offering a smoother ride
  • new modern design, including new ornamental railings along both sides of the bridge
  • adaptable design to accommodate possible future upgrades for people walking and biking
  • updates to meet current safety requirements

For More Information

Project Website (project status throughout the course of the project)

Project Email Address (get answers to questions during construction)

Project Phone: 612-543-4255

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