Limited Driver’s License Services Unavailable At DMV Sept 27-28

Limited driver’s license services will not be available at Golden Valley’s Department of Motor Vehicles from noon Sept 27 through Sept 28, but all other services will be available. The Golden Valley DMV’s limited driver’s license services include duplicate licenses only (change of address or replacement of lost or stolen licenses).

From Sept 27-Oct 1, Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services will undergo a system-wide changeover to implement two additional license/ID options–Real ID and enhanced.

Beginning Oct 1, 2018, Minnesotans can begin to apply for the federally compliant Real ID. The changes will incorporate more security features and are more in line with what most other states currently have. You are not required to convert to the Real ID, and it will not be required to fly domestically until Oct 1, 2020 (learn more about Real ID implementation).

Since there is no need to obtain a Real ID at this time, state officials are suggesting that residents wait to apply unless they need to change their name or address, or renew their current license. This will help ease the transition to the new card and reduce wait times.

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