City Sets Out To Upgrade Golden Valley’s Bike And Pedestrian Network

In 2016, the Golden Valley City Council made it a priority to create a plan to improve the local bicycle and pedestrian network. With help from a citizen task force the City developed a full plan with goals focusing on two major areas—expanding the local bicycle and pedestrian network, and maximizing safety, comfort, and convenience for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Golden Valley’s current bicycle and pedestrian network is meant to provide a balanced system of transportation alternatives. The City has already begun and will continue to work with groups like the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Three Rivers Park District, and Hennepin County to expand sidewalks and add more multi-use trails and onstreet bicycle facilities, so that choosing alternative modes of transportation becomes much easier.

One example is the expansion of the Bassett Creek Regional Trail along the south side of Golden Valley Rd from Regent Ave to Theodore Wirth Pkwy. The Three Rivers Parks District is seeking county and federal funding to construct the off-street trail. Pending funding, the project could start as early as 2020.

The City also plans to identify and improve potential safety challenges for pedestrians and bicyclists on principle arterial roadways, which means adding more off-street bike lanes or trails similar to those along Douglas Dr, which offers trails and sidewalks in addition to on-street bike lanes.

To further support these goals, the City will provide consistent wayfinding and directional signage on bicycle and pedestrian routes that includes mileage to major destinations such as Brookview and downtown Golden Valley.

Golden Valley’s entire Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is available on the City website in Chapter 4, Appendix 4A, of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. For more information, contact the City Planning Department at 763-593-8095.

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