Turkey And Goose Management Plans To Be Created To Address Public Concerns

With guidance from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR), the City of Golden Valley is looking to develop a Turkey Management Plan (TMP) and Goose Management Plan (GMP) in hopes of addressing public safety concerns and community nuisance issues. 

According to the MN DNR, the types of recommended management for turkeys and geese differs from the Deer Management Plan (DMP) adopted by the City Council in 2006. The DMP is an annual, citywide removal process based on counts and permits through the MN DNR while the proposed GMP and TMP will be as-needed targeted approaches that require approval from the MN DNR.

The initial draft of both plans will be reviewed at the Open Space and Recreation Commission (OSRC) meeting Oct 22, 6:30 pm. Once the Commission’s recommended changes have been made, electronic versions of both plans will be available for public review on the City website, with the option to give feedback.

When the public comment period ends, the updated plan will be reviewed at the Nov 13 Council/Managers meeting and the OSRC will host a final document review Nov 26, 6:30 pm. Final GMP and TMP drafts are scheduled to be presented to the City Council Jan 2. If approved, both plans will be implemented beginning in 2019.

For questions and more information, contact OSRC Staff Liaison Rick Birno at  763-512-2342

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