City Crews Prepare For An Icy Morning, Nov 9

Forecasters are predicting up to an inch of snow by the morning of Nov 9. City crews spent Thur, Nov 8 applying an anti-icing solution to the hills and main roads and will be monitoring road conditions into the morning.

Please keep in mind, as of Nov 1 parking is prohibited on Golden Valley public streets and alleys from 2-6 am daily. Parking is also prohibited on any public street after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has been plowed to the curb line.

Residents may request temporary exemptions from the parking restriction by completing an application for a Winter Parking Restriction Waiver Permit. All waivers are temporary and void during snowfalls of 2 inches or more until snow has stopped falling and the streets are cleared curb to curb.

For more information about the City’s winter parking regulations, visit the City website.


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