Green Card Youth Voices Exhibit Coming To Brookview Dec 3

In honor of Human Rights Day Dec 10 and to celebrate Golden Valley’s diverse immigrant population, the Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (HRC) is sponsoring a Green Card Youth Voices exhibit at Brookview Dec 3–Dec 28.

The exhibit will feature 20 posters, each with a different story, including a portrait and quotes from youth immigrants. The Golden Valley Library will also be showcasing books along the topic of immigration and Green Cards.

Green Card Voices is a Minnesota-based 501 (c)3 group that aims to change the world’s perception of immigrants. With the power of storytelling, Green Card Voices helps connect the voices of immigrants to the public.

For more information visit the Green Card Voices website or contact HRC Staff Liaison Kirsten Santelices at 763-593-3989.

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