Four Facts For Improved Recycling

City staff along with members of the Golden Valley Environmental Commission and the Golden Valley League of Women Voters recently toured Republic Services Minneapolis Recycling Center, to learn about issues that occur when recycling guidelines aren’t followed.

They learned:

  1. Plastic bags cannshredded paperot be recycled in your curbside collection container. The are processed differently and clog sorting machines. Plastic bags should be returned to the retailer or taken to a Hennepin County waste disposal facility. Never bag recyclables, and if you do need to, use a paper bag.
  2. Cardboard used in frozen goods is not recyclable. You can differentiate this form of cardboard because it is “glossy.”
  3. Shredded paper should be placed in a paper bag and closed with a single staple. Loose shredded paper contaminates other recyclable materials and reduces the amount of material that can be recycled.
  4. Needles used for medical purposes are a recycling contaminant and should never be recycled. Hennepin County offers free medical waste drop-off facilities. Learn more by visiting Hennepin County website.

The facility receives most of Golden Valley’s recycling and is typically able to recycle about 95 percent of the waste it brings in, but there is still room for improvement. For more information about recycling in Golden Valley, visit the City recycling web page.

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